National shopping index

Would you like to know the current footfall in the Netherlands, weekly? From now on, with the National Shopping Index, you will know the footfall in the shopping streets of the previous week, every Monday morning. Specified every day, with weather and precipitation information. We keep track of the trends during the year. 

Our CityTraffic sensors measure footfall in Dutch shopping streets 24/7. The past week, for example, showed quite similar volumes compared to the same week last year. We also add weekly and weather overviews so that you can benchmark your performance. 

The National Shopping Index allows you to benchmark footfall entering your store against the national data, adjust your annual targets based on the national trend, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and adjust your media and staff deployment daily. You will compare numbers with the appropriate type of shopping street data by choosing the index that best fits your specific business.

The following indexes are available weekly:

  • Shopping index per city
  • A1 shopping index for the Netherlands and Belgium
  • G4 shopping index
  • Run shopping index
  • Shopping index
  • National beach monitor
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