Bureau RMC: perhaps the best retail consultancy firm in the Netherlands. We have been working on future-proof stores and shopping areas for more than 30 years. With our experience in retail and our up-to-date expertise in big data, we can improve the strategy of every store and every shopping area. You can get started right away!

We create distinctive retail formulas, advise on the formulation of your retail policy, draw up master plans for unique retail environments, perform retail site selection and count footfall in more than 100 city centers using our innovative CityTraffic method. Every day and every half hour! The key is to translate changing consumer behavior to retail environments. A diagnosis that provides instant insights based on objective data is the basis for our conversation with you.

We always tailor our advisory processes to your specific request. Bureau RMC is the sparring partner for retailers, service providers, cities, and others who make strategic decisions. We are flexible, and our interaction is informal; we truly value personal contact. One of our key competences is to present the findings in such a way that the stakeholders can interpret them correctly, which leads to better decisions.


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