Bureau RMC employs senior retail consultants with years of experience in the retail sector. Each has their specialty. In recent years, this team has expanded, mainly with young consultants with a real estate, business or socio-geographical background. As a result, we have an expert team at your service to answer your questions based on experience, wisdom, and knowledge of retail and associated fields.



Huib’s strength lies in recognizing the question behind the question. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience within the retail and services sectors, he is a good sparring partner for organizations that want to grow. His roots lie in non-food retail marketing with a strong focus on customer service and automation. He has used this knowledge and experience in setting up retail organizations, primarily in the energy and banking world. Huib is a managing consultant for RMC and the founder of CityTraffic, which is now active in 120 cities. He is a strong advocate of smart retailing for his clients.



Yannic’s interest lies in providing insights into data and translating those insights into practice. Thanks to his education in Social-Economic Sciences and Marketing, he has a broad background, enabling him to look at a problem from different angles. His interest in retail arose during his studies. After working as an analytical consultant at a market research agency specifically focused on supermarkets, he joined Bureau RMC. Since November 2018, he has been providing data to clients as a data analyst and consultant.



Jort is a true retailer. After his master’s degree in Urban Geography, in which he researched changing shopping areas in Dutch inner cities, he worked at large international retailers. As a Senior Consultant at Bureau RMC, he combines years of experience in the retail industry with his background as a geographer. He knows how retailers think and act and thus knows how to get the right questions on the table. His solutions are creative yet data driven.



Rutger is a typical out-of-the-box thinker. As a result, he always looks at how something could be improved and which new techniques and resources might be suitable for this. He started as a trainee at Bureau RMC in March 2019 and has been a junior consultant since August. For his master’s thesis he did research into the role of quantitative data in the location choice process of retailers. At RMC he can nicely combine his substantive knowledge, which he gained during his studies in Economic Geography, with his graphic knowledge, which he gained during his studies in Geo Media & Design: he likes to make the data transparent in an attractive way.



Youri has a passion for data analysis. With his drive and and analytical skills he transforms data into concrete insights for the customer.

After his study Commercial Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences he has worked six years in the telecommunications sector. Since December 2019 he’s with Bureau RMC where he’s responsible for the analysis and validation of data.



Bruno can unambigously answer complex issues with the help of data. Besides a strong foundation in some programming languages such as python, he also has a passion for policy issues.

At the beginning of October 2019, he started at Bureau RMC as an intern and he has been working there as a junior data-analyst since January 2020. He is currently studdying for his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Delft university.



Floris his main interest lies in the field of IT and policy issues, especially the interface between them. With the help of data, mathematical models and smart toold, he tries to answer complex issues, both within and outside his studies. He finds special elements in these issues mainly interesting, for which he likes to use GIS tools. He recently obtained his bachelor’s degree at Delft University of Technology in Technical Administration and in September 2020 he started the master’s Engineering and Policy Analysis at the same university.

His interest in IT stems mainly form personal experiences, but he also took various IT courses at Tu Delft during his bachelor program. He likes to develop solutions and smart applications, from wrtiting smart scripts in Python to developing web tools in Javascript.



Joost his interest lies in analyzing data and thereby mapping possible problems. He combines his study of Human Geography with the technical minor Geographic information science. He uses this to analyze spatial patterns and then make them transparent for customers. A quality of Joost is viewing a problem from different angles and scales.

During his internship until 2021, he supported the activities and functions as a jack of all trades. In addition, he conducts an in-depth internship study into the correlation between the COVID-19 measures and the crowds in inner cities. After his internship he continued his journey at Bureau RMC as a junior data-analyst.




Qian Qian is currently studdying Business Studies with a specialization in Management & Policy and started as an intern at Bureau RMC in September 2020. In February 2021 she continued her journey at Bureau RMC as a junior consultant. Her goals were to increase her knowledge about data and retail during the period as an intern. We can say that this was a succes. During her study years, she gained knowledge in research, marketing, strategy and policy, among other things. Het interest also lies in these subjects. During her internship she mainly focussed on helping to prepare for customer conversations, write articles, being a support to other collegues and doing a research on de optimization of sales an accountmanagement activities.





Edward is a senior consultant at RMC with over 30 years of retail experience. He has held various commercial and general management positions in food and non-food retail, such as CEO of Kwantum. With his knowledge, experience and insights into retailing at strategic and operational level, he advices food and nonfood retailers on board and management level, such as Bruna, Emté, Handyman, Kijkshop, Spar and Ziggo.

As project manager he led the development of a new blurring food concept (beej Benders) and the development of the Ziggo shop at MediaMarkt.

Edward can keep the overall view, focus, eye for important details and knows how to structure. His skills are, commercial, result driven, customer focused, solution-oriented, initiative and collaborative.


Waldo Swijnenburg has twenty years of experience as a researcher and in those years worked for a wide range of (inter)national accounts. In 2012, he was nominated by the MOA for researcher of the year because of his innovative approach and his thought provoking publications. Until the end of 2019 he was managing partner of the largest qualitative research agency in the Netherlands. Since 2020 he works as an independent researcher. He specializes in qualitative methods and how rational and emotional drivers drive consumer behavior. He holds two master deegree’s as a sociologist and psychologist (cum laude).